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We are delighted to be hosting our event again on Sunday 5th May and look forward to welcoming everyone attending.

The day is unique in that we have a whole load of entertainment going on as well as the races. There's something for everyone so there's no chance of supporters getting bored with so much extra on offer. 

Please join in and come along to support this community event, and our charities, by entering one or both of the races or simply coming along and enjoying the refreshments while cheering the runners on.  


The event will take place on Sunday 5th May 2024. Entries are now CLOSED. Stay updated by following us on Facebook for the latest information on our event.

We are always open to more volunteers on our committee to help with planning, organising, event day roles etc. so please do get in touch if you are interested in joining our lovely team. For any further information, email us at

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